Hello World

Welcome to the blog section. This project was born with the idea of sharing my knowledge about computer security. After several years of professionally dedicating myself to the world of Hacking, I believe I can provide my perspective on the various topics I work on. With this, I will try to contribute new content in the world of cybersecurity!

So, what topics are we going to cover?

The answer is simple, EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING, any news, information, “whitepaper”, or tool related to information security will be welcome on this blog.

Some posts will be superficial, others I will delve deeper into, and in some, I might even venture into translating in “assembler”.

Everything will depend on the time and energy I can invest, and logically on the knowledge I have of the field in question…

So, in the end, if you are interested in topics such as OSINT, Reverse Engineering, Android Security, iOS Security, Web Security, Exploits, and much more, stay informed about this blog!