Security Engineer

I'm a security engineer with 7+ years experience in Mobile Security, specifically reverse-engineering, code obfuscation, software protections and cryptography.

During my professional career, I have worked evaluating the security of a multitude of banking applications for Android and iOS. This has allowed me not only to acquire knowledge in the previous aforementioned areas, but also in the payment schemes and cryptography involved in the payment processes of EMVCo environment (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER, among others).

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The place where I will be posting different articles about cybersecurity world.

5 Security Keys

5 Essential Security Keys for Mobile Applications.

Jordi Ventayol

Jordi Ventayol

4 min read
Have I been hacked?

Keep data leaks under control.

Jordi Ventayol

Jordi Ventayol

2 min read
A Search Face Engine

Introducing PimEyes and a small security bug.

Jordi Ventayol

Jordi Ventayol

3 min read

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